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Serving Others, All While Going After Dreams of Her Own!

“There is nothing more beautiful than someone who goes out of their way to make life beautiful for others” – Mandy Hale

Two years ago, I was blessed to meet this awesome woman. We were both candidates in the Ms. Woman United States 2020 pageant. Her heart and soul are one of the best I have ever encountered. Her kindness and generosity to everyone is widely known. She even took time to calm my nerves that first year, as I was overwhelmed with nerves. I have witnessed so many examples of this over the two years that I have known her. Now I have the opportunity to introduce you to her.

Meet Lyounious Moody, your reigning Ms. Woman Mississippi United States 2022.

Mentoring young girls & ladies so they always put their best foot forward. Proudly offers up her age as 60 years young. But doesn’t look a day over 30! When asked about pageantry, she explains that “I love everything about pageantry and I truly believe that we all have a purpose, and I enjoy helping young ladies find their purpose in life.” This is one of the lessons that she has created in her mission and program of BFF (Best Foot Forward). She is also planning several “pamper me pretty” mentoring classes in Birmingham as well as one in her hometown, which, by the way, is where she was born: Wayne County, Mississippi.

Lyounious has also been a nurse for over 35 years. Working as a frontline worker has been a challenge owing to long hours and lack of staff. I want to take a moment to thank you for all that you have done for us and your community that you serve. I can attest to the schedule this woman has and how she still manages to find time for herself, her passions and her mission of BFF.

“Balancing being a dedicated nurse as well as a queen with a purpose, is all in planning to get the job done in both,” she explained, as we talked about how to balance life as a career woman, title holder, mother, friend, and so much more.

She goes on to share that she is blessed: “not many women my age can say that they had a very positive younger version of themselves. I‘ve always been a positive person and sure of who I was. I never let anyone tell me I couldn’t do something. I competed in pageants in my teenage years but didn’t continue entering them once I got married and raising my family. Flash forward to year 56 I decided what better way to mentor young girls than to lead by example and put my Best Foot Forward. So, I began competing again in pageants. Never shy about the skin I am in, because I was uniquely made by God!”

Her best foot forward has guided her beautiful daughter to compete, and I had the opportunity to meet this young lady, who, I have to say, is not only stunning outwardly like her mother, but the image of her mother inside as well. It was inspiring to watch these two help each other over the week of competition last year, and to see Lyounious beaming as she talked about her daughter and watched practices and the competition.

Going after your dreams with drive and determination is the only way to go, and Lyounious is a beautiful example of that. Thank you for allowing me to share a glimpse into who you are.

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