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Exploring a New Chapter in Her Journey!

Meet Ms. Woman New York United States Patricia Hogan.

Deciding to get into Pageantry to gain more knowledge and new things.

As Ms. Woman New York, she has used my platform to work with children–variety club kids–which helps children and their families all over western New York. This help includes defraying the cost of medical expenses, wheelchairs, or anything else they need. When asked why her platform meant so much to her, she responded: “Variety club helped me years ago when I had a disabled child, who is no longer with us. I wanted to give back to the people who helped me, as well as to new families that I have met along the way. I also believe that change starts with us. We all bleed red at the end of the day; so we’re all alike and need to lift each other up to make the world a better place.”

On a personal level, Patricia is a single mom of 3 handsome boys aged 23, 14, and 8. “Seeing life through their eyes is absolutely amazing!” she exclaims.

Despite severe health issues ranging from Crohn’s disease and colitis to Bri Cardia (low heart rate), Patricia is undaunted: “I don’t let any of that stop me. I keep on moving forward, no matter what. We all have bumps in the road; thankfully, I have an outstanding support system”.

She is an international cover model for the Heart Of Hollywood Magazine, her story of hope and inspiration touching numerous lives worldwide through the magazine.

Continuing her work with charity events is important to her, as well as working for Live Nation, all the while balancing bartending work, and caring for her disabled brother, who has MS and is legally blind, all seven days of the week. Patricia says bravely, “I wouldn’t change any of these things for the world, thank you”.

“My platform is changing the word, and to me, change means trying to do better for those around you. Change yourself, and maybe sometimes the way you think, because at the end of the day, if we all make something a little better in this beautiful world, it will change with us”.

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